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 Browse the Design Details pages for photos of elements from some of my landscape projects here in York Region, and scroll down for sample landscape plans.
Elizabeth Jurecki
Landscape Design Consultant.

The landscape design process isn't about collecting your pictures and duplicating them.  However, taking time to browse through magazines, books, and here on the web before we meet, quickly jumps us past the starting point in our theme and style discussions as soon as we sit down to your kitchen table together. 

When I look over the photos that have caught your eye, a theme will inevitably emerge around your hardscape and Gazebo at Univ. of Guelph in winterplant style choices that will guide me towards creating a look that's truly your own. 

For example, you may find a gorgeous gazebo that's just too grand for your property size, but it's my job to take a good look at the style and sensibilities of your pictures and freshly design something in the same spirit.  The finished design will be reminiscent of the grand gazebo from your picture, but will be a structure that suits the scale of your grounds and fit with your overall theme.   A charming little potting shed.  it's the SPIRIT of your collected photos that I'll be looking at, not a design to copy.

The reverse example would be perhaps a picture of a quaint little potting shed that you really like the "feel" of, but isn't large enough for your planned use.  Nevertheless, the picture will tell me a lot about the mood you'd like your overall garden to reflect.

As the old saying goes "a picture speaks 1,000 words", and it's what your sample pictures "speak" that will guide my thoughts as I create your customized landscape plan. 

Scroll down to take a look at just a few of the landscape plans and completed projects I've carried out for local clients.

The landscape design experience I bring to your table includes the overall hardscape planning, various elements you'd like to include, as well as each garden bed's detailed planting design for either very large or very small properties.  
Take a few moments to browse through the " Landscape Design Details  pages here to see samples of a few of my projects that incorporated many different elements, such as ~

Swimming pools,
Unique wooden decks,
Water features,
Hillside or boundary stonework,
Richly planted perennial beds,
Low-maintenance front yard & entrance
Forested shade plantings,
Flagstone or concrete entranceways,
Brick or natural stone patios,
Gazebos, Arbors, Pergolas, Cabanas, ...
Formal front yard evergreen plantings, etc.


This original landscape plan was developed after
 many consultations with the client.  The wish list was
for  -  a small pond, a gazebo, a handy hot tub, and
patio space large enough for entertaining.




Different types and sizes of stone were used in this entranceway and front yard to liven and seemingly enlarge the space.

Bright leaved Hosta bring attention to a very shady garden bed.

With richly planted garden beds,  a "river" of stone, 
and a pair of large decorative stones perfect for seating,
this small suburban front yard has been transformed
into a garden room that invites you to linger.

The finished plan for
this project, as presented to
the client for approval -


...and the contractor's version
 of the same plan to guide
details of construction and planting.





A decorative shed, positioned in it's own small section of the backyard, enhances its ornamental function.



    Elizabeth Jurecki Landscape & Garden Design

My goal is to take your unique garden visions, however grand or
modest they may be, and turn them into reality!

Elizabeth Jurecki, Garden and Landscape Design Consultant,
serving the York Region and northern Toronto area with
fine garden and landscape design planning since 1996.

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