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  A clean lined, low maintenance remake based on evergreens and an elegant weeping Beech for all season presence.  E.J. Landscape Design


The goal here was for a semi formal look that was also very low maintenance.  A clean-lined entrance path and landing of natural flagstone, with garden beds of mainly evergreen shrubs, creates the easy elegance this client wanted. 


  The construction plan for this project.


The weeping Beech tree will grow
tall and slim to marry the garden and the
imposing tall house face, without blocking
too much of the view out the window.
precision cut natural flagstone flanked by easy low maintainance planting. E.J. Landscape Design.

A perspective drawing of parts of the landscaping plan will help you "see" the finished garden.


A perspective drawing of the entranceway portion of a proposed new front landscaping, to illustrate to the client how the finished garden will look. 

This will be a low-maintenance shrub garden that will look good in all seasons.   A mixture of natural stone and brick pavers, and a planting mix of evergreens and flowering shrubs with distinct contrasts in form and texture.


Extra wide steps and generous landing space was in keeping with the setting for the front walk of this estate sized suburban house.

Curved lines, and the inclusion of gardens and natural stone, decorate and soften the large quantity of brickwork.

E.J. Landscape Design.  Small front yard garden design with mixed stone and drought tolerant plants that is virtually NO maintenance.


   No more lawn! 
A small front yard is turned over to a mix of stone and a simple drought tolerant planting, for a virtually no-maintenance front entrance garden.


A simple, clean design for the entrance path and gardens, allows the lovely stonework of the house itself to remain the focus.






D. After. E.J. Landscape Design


In the large forested setting, a few touches of formality with some clipped evergreen shapes and a contrasting tree colour were chosen.








A small front entrance gets a low maintenance
remake with a mix of stone and a few sturdy plants.




Landscape design plan for a richly planted entranceway. E.J. Garden & Landscape Design


This residential front entrance plan includes
a multi-media mix of paving stone, square cut
flagstone, natural stone stairs, decorative
river rock, and large boulders to add scale
and ornament.  The client here wanted lots of planting area for shrubs and  flowering perennials, within an elegant yet natural feeling setting for their front entrance.   ...



...below - the completed installation
of this custom design.

E.J. Lansdscape Design.  Decoratively detailed Front Entrance stonework.


Extra wide steps make for a super comfortable entranceway walk. 

A step made of natural stone, and contrasting brick inlay, highlight the overall stonework for a classy look.


A sketch was drawn up to make sure the client and I were on the same page, then a detailed construction plan was drawn up.


Below is the finished entrance, with
stonework and planting complete.



The lower landing was made just large enough for a small sitting area.  Hidden from the street by tall plantings, it is now a small private spot for a cup of coffee and newspaper in the morning.

perspective drawing, E.J. Landscape Design

A perspective drawing to illustrate for a client how my plan for this narrow townhouse front yard will look once completed. 

Lots of billowing plants with contrasting accent shapes, and flowing lines on the walkway to soften the harshness of the angular setting.


Below, the finished project.

Front entrance stonework and gardens.  Elizabeth Jurecki Design.


The plant selection focuses on those that will do well for the long term in the dry and shady conditions under the mature tree.

Stone positioned within the body of the garden bed, instead of at it's boundaries, visually enlarges the perceived space of the front walk.



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