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This client wanted lots of planting space worked into their landscape design.  The "patio" became more of a wide winding river that widened in some spots for seating area and narrowed to pathways through the garden beds in others.  Lots of trees, shrubs and flowers around the perimeter and an island bed for smaller, highly ornamental plants as a center piece.



Sweet Autumn Clematis smothering the framework of a dead small tree.



 Stonework is complete, and a perennial and shrub garden ready to be planted.


Stonework is complete, and a perennial and shrub garden is ready to be planted.



A mixture of bold shaped evergreens surrounded by flowering perennials, borders this patio with a small pond tucked into the transition spot between patio and garden bed.






A beyond the ordinary selection of perennials and shrubs will make your garden stand out from the rest.  



A wide array of ornamental grasses keeps a garden bed interesting in the late summer and fall when most flowering perennials are already done for the season.










Flowering perennials, evergreen shrubs, elegant small trees,  ornamental grasses, ...

There is a wealth of plants to choose from for a beautiful garden bed, all through the year.




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