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Neil. Landscape plan for complete front and backyard update.


The project here entailed a complete update, front and back.  There was some existing landscaping that the client wanted updated, with particular elements added - an outdoor fireplace and bar;  linking of the different areas and patios;  sprucing up planting.   In the front, a more contemporary look, and scale balancing was in order. 

Overall, the desire was for a unique outdoor living room where they could have more garden planting area, an entertaining are complete with outdoor fireplace, and to make better use of a large slope and the area underneath an upper deck. 

We undertook a thorough review of what stays and what goes in the plant material, and a complete rethinking of the existing landscape elements. 


Neil. Swimming Pool surrounded by natural flagstone and a rich shrub planting.

The end result was a beautiful
flowing together of the
many features.


Here's a few photos of the
backyard poolside portion
of the finished project.




Poolside shed detail and
elegant iron rail circular stair
coming down from an upper deck.

  Neil. Poolside Shed detail and elegant iron circular stair from upper deck.

Overall, a gorgeous new outdoor
living room.

Neil. Fireplace.  Jurecki Landscape Design




A finished plan for a formal
swimming pool and surrounding
stonework and planting beds.




click on picture for closeup of Pond.


A small "bridge" inspires the feeling of flowing water, and links the shed into the design rather than allowing it to stand as a distant island.






These two small ponds take up virtually no space. They were designed as just one of many decorative elements built into a large patio.

  And.  A family swimming pool was just one of the elements in this project.

An upward sloping yard is a gorgeous setting for a garden as the backdrop for this raised platform swimming pool. 

A Gazebo and  Cabana (out of sight to the far right, see the "Structures" page) were also part of the plan for this full backyard landscape treatment.

  A small fountain was integrated into patio and garden bed.


A water feature doesn't have to be large, or even have an open pond!  Here, a small fountain was integrated into patio and garden bed, highlighted by a change to natural stone, and given a distinctive border within the paving pattern.

  A small garden bed was built into the swimiing pool paving to break up the expanse of hardscape.


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